Opel Vectra A

since 1988-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Vektr's Opel And
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 1.1 Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Repair of DOHC engines
+ 4. Repair of the diesel engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. The fuel and exhaust system of models with system of injection of fuel
+ 8. Exhaust system and system of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
+ 9. Fuel systems of the diesel engine
+ 10. Engine electrical systems
+ 11. Transmission
+ 12. Mechanical transmission
+ 13. Automatic transmission
+ 14. Power shafts
- 15. Brake system
   15.2. General information
   15.3. Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
   15.4. Pumping of the hydraulic brake system
   + 15.5. Replacement of front brake shoes
   15.6. Replacement of back brake shoes on disk brakes
   + 15.7. Replacement of back brake shoes on drum brakes
   15.8. Replacement of brake shoes of the emergency brake on back disk brakes
   15.9. Support of a forward brake
   15:10. Support of a back disk brake
   15:11. Brake disk
   15:12. Forward brake disk
   15:13. A back brake disk on models with SOHC engines
   15:14. A back brake disk on models with DOHC engines
   15:15. Brake drum
   15:16. Back working brake cylinder
   15:17. Brake board of a back brake
   15:18. Protection cover of a forward brake disk
   15:19. Main brake cylinder
   15:20. Repair of the main brake cylinder (model without ABS)
   15:21. Vacuum amplifier of brakes
   15:22. Hydraulic ABS modulator
   15:23. The ABS sensors installed on wheels
   15:24. ABS control unit
   15:25. ABS relay (only ABS-2E system)
   15:26. Valves of adjustment of pressure
   15:27. Brake pipelines and hoses
   15:28. Adjustment of the emergency brake
   + 15:29. Cable of the emergency brake
   15:30. Lever of the emergency brake
   15:31. Brake pedal
+ 16. Suspension bracket
+ 17. Body
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Check of malfunctions


15:12. Forward brake disk


Unscrewing of the screw of fastening of a brake disk to a nave

1. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of a wheel with a thick washer which were established when checking a beating of a disk.
2. Remove brake shoes.
3. On models with engines of 2,0 l unscrew two bolts and remove the holder of a support.
4. Unscrew the screw, the fixing brake disk to a nave and remove a brake disk (see the drawing). If the brake disk sits densely on a nave, from a reverse side of a disk knock on it with a kiyanka.


1. Before installation of a brake disk, using the corresponding tap, clear a carving in openings for bolts of fastening of a support to a rotary fist. Also clear a carving in an opening for the screw of fastening of a brake disk to a nave.
2. Check and, if necessary, clear the interfaced surfaces of a brake disk and a nave. At installation of a new brake disk remove a sheeting layer from its surface.
3. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. Before a vvinchivaniye of the screw of fastening of a brake disk apply the means interfering unscrewing of the screw on a screw carving.