Opel Vectra A

since 1988-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Vektr's Opel And
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 1.1 Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Repair of DOHC engines
+ 4. Repair of the diesel engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. The fuel and exhaust system of models with system of injection of fuel
+ 8. Exhaust system and system of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
+ 9. Fuel systems of the diesel engine
+ 10. Engine electrical systems
+ 11. Transmission
+ 12. Mechanical transmission
+ 13. Automatic transmission
+ 14. Power shafts
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. Suspension bracket
- 17. Body
   17.2. General information
   17.3. Security measures when carrying out welding works
   17.4. Care of a body
   17.5. Repair of insignificant damages of a body
   17.6. Repair of strong damages of a body
   17.7. Cowl
   17.8. Cowl lock
   17.9. Cowl lock cable
   17:10. Trunk lid (Sedan models)
   17:11. Lock of a trunk lid (Sedan model)
   17:12. Cylinder of the lock of a trunk lid (Sedan model)
   17:13. Back door (Hatchback models)
   17:14. Lock of a back door (Hatchback model)
   17:15. Cylinder of the lock of a back door (Hatchback model)
   17:16. Racks of a back door (Hatchback model)
   17:17. Doors
   17:18. Door upholstery
   17:19. Internal handle of opening of a door
   17:20. External handle of opening of a door
   17:21. Door lock cylinder
   17:22. Door lock
   17:23. Limiter of opening of a door
   17:24. Wind and back flew down
   17:25. Back triangular window leaves
   17:26. Door glass
   17:27. Window regulators
   17:28. External rear-view mirror
   17:29. Bumpers
   17:30. Front grille
   17:31. Windshield deflector
   17:32. Wheel arch inserts
   17:33. Lower protective plate (mudguard) of the engine
   17:34. Folding shutter of a fuel-filling mouth of the fuel tank
   + 17:35. Hatch elements
   17:36. Finishing of an interior
   + 17:37. Panels of finishing of the dashboard
   17:38. Central console
   17:39. Ceiling
   17:40. Sitting (without mechanisms of a tension of seat belts)
   17:41. Seat belts
   17:42. Seat belt tension mechanism
   17:43. Forward sitting with the seat belt tension mechanism
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Check of malfunctions


17:10. Trunk lid (Sedan models)


Arrangement of a spring of support of a trunk lid on the Sedan models

1 – the provision of a spring for a standard trunk lid;
2 – the provision of a spring for a cover with the external plastic panel or a spoiler;
3 – situation for a trunk lid spring with the external plastic panel and a spoiler

1. Open a trunk lid.
2. On models with the central lock remove a weight wire from the accumulator, then disconnect the electric socket from the traction relay of the lock. Tie a thin long cord to the end of an electrical wiring and, having extended an electrical wiring from a trunk lid, leave a cord in a luggage carrier.
3. Using a marker, note position of hinges on a trunk lid.
4. Having the assistant, support a trunk lid, then unscrew bolts of fastening of hinges and remove a trunk lid from the car.
5. At installation of a new trunk lid remove with old all removable details and establish on a new trunk lid.
6. If necessary, note an arrangement and remove springs of support of a trunk lid (see the drawing).


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal taking into account the next moments...

1. Install trunk lid hinges according to earlier made tags. In the presence, for a thin cord involve an electrical wiring of the traction relay in a trunk lid.
2. Check that in a closed position a gap between a trunk lid and elements of a body of the car everywhere identical. If necessary adjust the provision of a trunk lid for what weaken bolts of fastening and, moving a cover in repartitions of the extended installation openings, find required position.