Opel Vectra A

since 1988-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Vektr's Opel And
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   Steering wheel
   Seat belt
   Rear-view mirrors
   Ignition lock
   Governing bodies and control devices
   Control lamps of a combination of devices
   Control lamps
   Double information display
   On-board computer
   Body elements
   Windows, hatch
   Heating and ventilation
   Automatic transmission
   Instructions on driving
   Gas station
   Control lamp of electronic system of the engine
   Exhaust system, exhaust gases
   Four-wheel drive
   System of the CU (Traction Control)
   Wheels and tires
   Antisliding chains
   Identification of the car
   Parameters of engines
   Running parameters
   Bases of safe operation of the car
   + Weekly checks and service in way
   Operational materials and liquids
+ 1.1 Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Repair of DOHC engines
+ 4. Repair of the diesel engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. The fuel and exhaust system of models with system of injection of fuel
+ 8. Exhaust system and system of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
+ 9. Fuel systems of the diesel engine
+ 10. Engine electrical systems
+ 11. Transmission
+ 12. Mechanical transmission
+ 13. Automatic transmission
+ 14. Power shafts
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. Suspension bracket
+ 17. Body
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Check of malfunctions


On-board computer


The Opel on-board computer informs on driving parameters which it periodically registers and in the electronic way estimates.

By pressing the button on the display are highlighted:

Momentanverbrauch (current fuel consumption)
Durchschnittsverbrauch (average fuel consumption)
Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit (average speed)
Reichweite (course stock)
Stoppuhr (stop watch)
Aussentemperatur (external temperature)
Time (continuous indication)


At the switched-off ignition - time;

at the included ignition - time,

by consecutive pressing of the step button:

chosen field of parameters;

"F" on the display testifies to malfunction: for elimination of the reason address in the workshop Opel.

Step button (ahead)

Press before emergence of indication of the desirable field of parameters.

Step button (behind)

At indication of fields of parameters

- Durchschnittsverbrauch (average fuel consumption)

- Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit (average speed)

by pressing the starting button (at least 2 sec.) both fields are started at the same time.

The data which are written down before in memory will be automatically erased - one-times but there will be an installation of a stop watch on zero.

Not erased data:

time, current fuel consumption, stock of the course and external temperature.

Time is not determined

At the termination of food or tension of the accumulator lower than 7 V all data will be erased.

At a tension is lower than this value and start of the engine by means of an auxiliary cable the on-board computer after accumulator charging at the switched-off engine by an accumulator detachment (at least 2 minutes) needs to be activated again.

Installation of time
Sleva: button of hours

On the right: button of minutes

Installation with a second accuracy, for example, by means of a ball pen: one for another adjust indication of hours and minutes for the determined time, at emergence of time press a step or starting key.

24-hour indication

(12-hour indication)


(current fuel consumption)

Indication changes depending on speed.

Indication in l/h is lower than 13 km/h

(Indication in гал / is lower than 8 miles/h h)

Indication in l / 100 km over 13 km/h

(Indication in m / гал over 8 miles/h)

Indication of 0 l / 100 km at draft switching off

(Indication of 999.9 m / гал at draft switching off)


(average fuel consumption)

Calculation of average fuel consumption it is possible at any time for example, after gas station - start over again pressing of a key R.

Indication in l / 100 km

(Indication in m / гал)


(average speed)

Calculation of average speed can be begun again at any time - for example, after a start of motion - pressing of the button R.

Breaks in the movement with switching off of ignition when calculating are not considered.

Indication in km/h

(indication in miles/h)

Reichweite unter of 50 km

(course stock over 50 km)

The stock of the course pays, proceeding from the current fullness of a tank and average consumption of fuel for the last 20 - 30 km of a way.

After gas station the new stock of the course can be calculated by pressing a key R, or this size is automatically recalculated through approximately each 10 km.

Indication in km

(indication in miles)


(stop watch)

By pressing the button R

zero - start - stop - zero...

Commissioning of a stop watch does not influence functional fields

– average consumption of fuel
– average speed.

Measurement time
The shown figures
up to 10 min.
1/10 sec.
up to 60 min.
to the 100th hour
from above 100th hour


(external temperature)

Current indication. At temperature drop indication reacts immediately, at increase - with a delay.

Carefully: at indication several degrees above 0th °C (32 °F) the road can already be ice-covered.

At a temperature below 3 °C indication without involvement of the step button with a blinking switches to "the external temperature". By a call of other field of parameters this precautionary function is turned off.

Indication in °C (Indication in °F)